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Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Stem-cells are being touted to be the future of regenerative medicine. The stem cell department aims to use stem cell science to better understand and develop novel cell based therapies for some of them through translational research including basic science, animal models for diseases and clinical trials.

Humans and animals possess very small, self-renewing populations of stem cells. These vary in potential and potency, depending on developmental stage. At one extreme are embryonic stem cells, obtainable just a few cell divisions after sperm fertilizes egg. These cells can give rise to virtually any cell type in the body.

The department is headed by Dr. P.M Sunil, who is a fellow in Regenerative Medicine from Toronto University, MacMaster, University of Ottowa and has also undergone training in Regenerative Medicine from Utrecht University, Netherlands.


  • Establish teams of scientists to work in specific themes directed at addressing unmet heathcare needs through carefully directed translational research.
  • Create cellular and animal models of diseases to test hypothesis generated from understanding of those diseases and of stem cell biology.
  • Perform early phase clinical trials with stem cells manufactured under current good manufacturing practice (GMP) conditions.
  • Develop a training program for students and scientists who will contribute to the manpower required for this field in the country.
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